Memory Lane

Este foi um dos primeiros posts do meu primeiro blog.
Faz nesta altura 3 anos (!).

Suddenly Susanne came over me and whispered: "I think he fancies you". I smiled. I knew he was gay, not bi, because Susanne herself had had an experience with him... She told me she hit on him for a while till he told her his truth. Susanne had that on her, a blazing fire that will not be extinguished. Always longing for the new and powerful.
I was her new boytoy, and I was aware of that. More than that, I was afraid I was getting addicted to her.
The pub was almost closing doors and then she went to talk to him again. I just sat there not knowing what to do. The music was still playing loud and though I tried not to look, when I did, our eyes made contact. He smiled. I shyly looked away.
My (bi?) sexuality had been haunting me and on the previous week Susanne had caught me seeing the boys on the net. She thought it was great, and she wanted to transform me from the boytoy to her playmate.
It was only when I got there in that pub that she told me about him. Trembling, I had agreed.
The music stopped and Susanne called for me. We were introduced. Josh was his name. Josh, His blue eyes sparkling and his words "She's so totally crazy, man".
All the nervousness left me. Ok, he wasn't going to do it. Great.
Or so I thought. We got a taxi and he got in with us. I think I died right there. He told the driver an address. And as I was thinking "Ok, he's just catching a ride with us..." he looked at me straight in the eyes once more(no pun intended). "You dont have to get up early tomorrow morning, do you?". Susanne laughed. "He's free till 2 pm..."
I couldn't believe that it was happening.
Susanne and Josh were talking about mutual friends I didnt know, and we suddenly got there.
I lingered in the taxi.
"Well, aren't you coming?..."
"Err... Yeah sure."
I got into his appartment. He shared it with a couple of friends, and we went straight (gayly?) to the bedroom. It started when we were smoking a couple of splifs. We were playing this game of blowing the smoke into Susanne's mouth. And then Josh asked me to do it.
By then I was way more relaxed. Stoned. So I agreed.
And his lips touched mine. And his hands touched me.


And the rest is history. :)


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