Three... Two... One...

Happy New Year!!!

New York was great, Times Square is overrated (and overcrowded)
7 pm: Feliz Ano Novo! So you guys got to 2007 first :)
Had dinner at a Mexican Restaurant, went to a private party at 46th and 7th, beautiful people, lotsa booze, different approach to midnight, no raisins and english countdown (I was the only portuguese guy - and it felt great). Tried to smoke some more weed at the rooftop of the skyscraper, no can do - security issues (did I mention they actually close Times Square and no one is allowed to get in those streets after 6pm? Residents and guests only. I was a guest. :P).
Went to Posh, a queer bar somewhere in the city, had fun, have memory lapses (yeah that bad), went to sleep at 5. A small studio at Chelsea, the floor was great.
Got up at 8.30, caught the bus an hour later.
Home sweet home.
See you next time, New York City!

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Dark Electronic disse...

I envy you. I really do. I hate you most because of the 'lotsa booze' part :(

inixion disse...

;)Happy new year ;)