Random fucks.

So I'm no angel and I did do it a few times.
And the great thing about having spent some time abroad is that you get to have the freedom to post it on a blog and the other guy will never know you did it, 'cause you'll never see him again. And if you know me, I really don't care what you think of me 'cause at least I'm being straight forward about it. Shit, I've been lied quite a few times by you portuguese fucks that said oh yeah I'm so totally into relationships and relationships only, but then you go and find out that your relationships don't really need to have a name included on the curricula.
Hell, sometimes they don't even have to have a body attached to the dick.

There was this one time I was at a club with a friend drinking vodka redbull's and so I got really drunk and so I got really needy and as things happen when you get needy there's always someone just as needy as you.

So we kind of met (well if meeting doesn't really imply changing names and uninterresting trivia but really means dancing, approaching and kissing violently) and we kind of went to my place and we kind of fucked.
A couple of times.

And as the time was going by the alcohol was vanishing and when we were "done" the redbull was still pumping on my veins so, contrary to the usual way things go, I didn't feel like sleeping.

So I started the fucking conversation. Which sometimes is a fucking mistake.

"So how bout them Yankees" probably wouldn't do it, so after a proper introduction (I do believe we exchanged names, though I can't for the sake of it remember what it was) I put on some music.

I asked him what he liked to listen to.
He said he didn't listen to much music.
So... hum..
TV? Movies?
He said he didn't see movies or watch TV.

By this time I was thinking, ok, he's making fun of me, right?
So I asked him. "What are you, making fun of me?"
"Well, no... You see, where I grew up I didn't get to watch TV or see any movies, so I never really got used to it..."
"You're kidding, right?..."
"No, I'm serious... I grew up in an Amish community so we were very strict and traditional"

"Fuck. I fucked an Amish guy. I really am in America."

So we didn't have much in common. We tried to sleep.

Which he did. Fast. And he kind of snored which kind of irritated me. And at 7.30 am I kind of made up this meeting I had to attend at 8.30, woke him up and said "hum, g'bye, so 'twas nice and all, see ya around.

Yeah, i felt kind of slutty.

But shit. I fucked an Amish. How many of you can say that? LOL

PS: Don't know who are the Amish? Google it. Or see "Witness" with Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillies.

And NO, he didn't have the hair and the beard. He was actually pretty cute. If he wasn't so not my type of brain.

4 comentários:

ZEP disse...

e a história é contada em inglês para mesmo que o amish encontre o blog não perceba que o arrancaste do sono por uma reunião que não existia... :p

Morgan disse...

Duvido sequer que o gajo tenha o interesse de ler blogs... Anyhoo, a razão pela qual escrevi em inglês é a mesma pela qual o faço de vez em qd... depende do mindset. ;) abço.

Dark Electronic disse...

loool oh i loved this! And i'm glad someone talks the english with balls!

Ypslon disse...

Tenho um desafio para ti no meu blog. Abraço!