Si ma vie je l'invente

Vivre quand tout lâche, quand tout casse, quand tout clash
Quand tous les blues ont sali ta raison, ta maison, tes saisons
Quand tout est sombre, plus rien n’est doux
J’ai peur de tout


Can you free me?

All my life I've been the slave of consequence,
wondering how this life could be so intricate.
I wanna rewrite my heart and let the future in,
I wanna open it up and let somebody in...

Can you free me from the logic that I knew?
I believe it! Even if it is not true...

Am I falling asleep on my feet again?
I call out, is anybody listening?
And it's like I'm diving into emptiness,
But at least there's something beating in my chest...

Can you free me from the logic that I knew?
I believe it! Even if it is not true...


year's end

Esta semana foi estranha: começaram a atravessar-se no meu caminho os meus ex. Alguns ex-cenas, outros ex-namorados mesmo (hew, *a palavra n*). Uns com sorrisos abrangentes como se nada se tivesse passado (os meus favoritti, porque assim posso escolher -eu- como tratá-los - oh evil little me), outros com conversas estranhas e querer combinar cafés para mais conversas estranhas (oh, os eternos esclarecimentos... huh?).

Isto é o quê? Resoluções de fim-de-ano? Hm. No effin' clue.


From the east to the south
I tongue the roof of my mouth
To new days of doubt without you
First gear, I face the trouble ahead
Final word has been said
Long distance spread between us
I tell myself to

Hold on, won’t be long
Till I grow through this struggle
Time to wake up, find my soul

Happy without you oh





OMG, you're like, so totally immature.

Giv'em a tv set, an effertless song and a candy bar and they'll happily do tricks for you.